About us

This project is managed by Pascale LEFEBURE, who is also the initiator. Eager to pass on her knowledge, she also was a co-creator of the STEAM.SPACE® software.

Young people are innately curious, and we should motivate and inspire them.
Through the space domain, Legends’ Lab® proposes an approach to learn and develop core competencies in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics). Requirements in STEAM competencies are growing to understand the current economy. Our activities encourage problem solving, creativity, critical analysis, teamwork, initiative and collaboration.

We work with primary and secondary schools, as well as other organizations supporting young people worldwide. We strive to increase engagement and success of young people in fields and careers linked to STEAM and the space industry.
Legends’ Lab is also where our commitment toward the environment and gender equality is shared.

Modus operandi

Through its exercises books and its software, our legends’ Lab makes you discover a moving space! Why, and how, is space research important for tomorrow’s discoveries? Come see all benefits of space research for the entire humankind!

Our workbooks contain a theory part, which will help you become familiarize with space. A second part is practical : it contains instructions and detailed plans to create your own experiments. Throughout our workbooks, you’ll find quizzes and exercises. However, this guide is indicative only; do not hesitate to create your own experiments and share them with our web site community.

STEAM.SPACE®: a software to control the Brick

In order to be interactive, our workbooks are only available through our STEAM.SPACE® software. For our first workbook (XENO PLANT), our software allows the clinostat to be controlled via the Steam Box (Brick PI). This is why we have made the Brick PI control interface more fun and more accessible. We hope to allow a better understanding of applied and theoretical sciences within the same simple and elegant learning environment.

STEAM.SPACE®: Open Interface software, to learn coding, too…

We have developed an application which allows for quick design of modules, which can control robots, or have exchange functionalities, and much more… They were designed to provide an elegant graphical interface so that you can focus on developing features. Modules are built according to a precise scheme, which will enable your pupils to discover concepts such as nomenclature and Object-oriented programming (OOP). You can easily share completed modules and, under certain conditions, publicize your modules in our resource center.

Our sponsors

To help us achieve our vision, we work together with several partners and supporters. We are proud to be supported by a unique collaboration with Res'Pyrem (a regional network promoting remote and collaboration work), Themis solaire innovation (multi-technology platform for solar energy R&D) and Handi-Vision (computer-based tools for handicapped people).

Support us!

Our work is possible only thanks to our supporters. We’ll welcome you if you join them to play a crucial role to improve the next generation’s life.


Steam BOX

Steam BOX

2.0 Release: Collaborate, share, innovate!

Xeno Plant

Xeno Plant

Life sciences experimentations in space...

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Community Land

Community Land

Build a community-wide platform...

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