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Product description

STEAM Box is made up of one BrickPi bot with accompaning sofware to control the clinostat's rotation speed and perform various experiments.

Using Dexter Industrie's OS, you can build up your own robots which can be connected to LEGO® MINDSTORMS® sensors or Dexter Industrie sensors. Up to 4 NXT or EV3 motors can be connected at the same time. Libraries are available in language such Python, Scratch & Java.

STEAM Box requires LEGO MINDSTORMS sensors and motors. STEAM Box replaces the MINDSTORMS Brick (brain of Mindstorm system).

Integreating WiFi in connection protocols.

Warning: LEGO® parts are not included.

This STEAM BOX contains:

  • BrickPi3 board
  • 6-sided acrylic case
  • MicroSD Card with our STEAM.SPACE software (can also be downloaded from to access all our practicum
  • Raspberry Pi 3B+ board
  • Wall Power Supply (110-240V), required for continious running of your clinostat

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