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Practicium to understand microgravity

Project description

Our first Legends’ Lab experiment involves simulating and monitoring plant growth in microgravity. To give you the opportunity to discover the world of microgravity research, Pascale LEFEBURE has written a practicium.

A first theoretical part will give you clue about the effects of microgravity on living things and will help you to discover step by step an experiment, from a laboratory to the International Space Station.This chapter present the solutions available to perform experiments in microgravity and explain where the clinostat fits in the range of possibilities.

The second part of the practicium helps you to start your clinostat and the experimental protocol for testing plant growth.

The purpose of the experiment is to compare plant growth in the clinostat, a microgravity simulator, to a plant growing under a normal conditions.

Pascale LEFEBURE built a LEGO® clinostat compatible with T.A.O.S.®’s growth chambers. She also created an instruction book to help you to assemble your LEGO® clinostat.

The first version of this practicium as well as the instruction book to build a LEGO® clinostat are available at no cost after creating a free account on legends-lab.space/ and downloading STEAM.SPACE®. It is available in English and in French.

A version 2 is pending. It will make these education tools more interactive.

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Project design history

  • Educational goals defined
  • Feedback incorporated
  • State of the art and illustrations performed
  • Network of experts and collaborations established
  • Content written
  • Text converted to HTML web pages
  • TechLab server

People working on this project

  • Pascale LEFEBURE
  • Adrien JOUANNO
  • Gabriel RIBOT
  • Thomas GOFFINET

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